Important: Access to ClinicalSkills 14th-15th May 2024

At 6pm on 14 May 2024, any users with Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust will be logged out of and unable to log back in for a few hours. Therefore, before 6 pm, please aim to SAVE any new content you are creating, such as a new CPD record, otherwise this work will be lost.  Most users at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust access via OpenAthens or via SaSH Applications so you do not need to take any further action. 

However, if you log into your own account on ClinicalSkills net with your own email address (or username) and password, then in order to log in after the upgrade, you will need to reset your password. The password reset process relies on you being able to access the email address associated with your account. Action to take: visit your Profile on and check that your email address is current and correctly spelled.

 By 9am on 15 May 2024, when you want to log in to, navigate to We recommend that you bookmark this page, to make the login process easier in future. (How you do this will vary according to which browser you use—a quick internet search should tell you how.) The SaSH Applications page will be updated ASAP.

 If you have any problems relating to logging in after the upgrade, the best way to get help will be to email Please provide your username and email address, and full name, and explain what problem you are experiencing.