Patient Information

Help your patients (and their families) learn more about their health concerns by using information from reliable health sources. The sites provide good overviews about a wide range of medical conditions so they can help staff at all levels increase their knowledge.

Two leaflets have been produced to help you find good quality health information online for your patients

Finding Trustworthy Information 2022

This leaflet will help you and your patients quickly identify health information quality standards, gives examples of good websites that everyone can freely access, and hints and tips on assessing trustworthy health information online

NICE Evidence: freely available. Search on a topic – there is a filter function to locate information available for the public. Information is taken from sources including NHS website, Public Health England, Patient, Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK, Mind

Point of care tools 2022

This leaflet identifies Point of Care tools that are available to you as a healthcare professional, either via the Trust intranet Apps page or with an NHS OpenAthens login; for more information on using these resources remotely please see the section on Evidence Resources in our Online Resources webpage.

BMJ Best Practice: available to health professionals via the Trust intranet Apps page or with an OpenAthens login when using remotely. Patient information in an easy-to-read, printable format

ClinicalKey: available to health professionals; requires Open Athens. Patient Education option available to browse or search. Information is in English but there are some available in Spanish