Finding the Evidence

If you need:

  • Support in carrying out an audit
  • To gain better understanding of best care for specific patient groups
  • To find articles, guidelines, key documents relevant to your clinical practice

The Library can:

  • Help you get started
  • Discuss your current search with you
  • Highlight examples of best practice and provide summaries of clinical evidence
  • Support your professional and personal development

Aiming to get published?

  • BMJ Case Reports provide instructions for authors and guidelines for submission. (Please contact the Library for more details)

Do you need information for patients, carers or relatives?


Check out the Online Library

  • Look under Evidence for research reviews, evidence-based guidelines, validated research articles and research-based clinical options.
  • Search Literature resources for journals articles, conference abstracts, reports and academic theses.  Critically appraise the results to exclude poorly conducted clinical trials, reports and articles and to locate relevant, valid information.


We can carry out literature searches for you:

  • Please complete the online form to request a literature search for journal articles and quality healthcare information.


Reference Managers

Once you have carried out your research, you’ll want to manage the results. There are a number of free reference manager packages which all have very comprehensive video and online tutorial information on how to use. These include: