New Year Resolution – Library Books!

Start the new year with a clear conscience and return our library books which have been borrowed some months ago!

Have you borrowed books from us?

Could the books be hiding under your bed or lurking on a shelf or travelling around in your car ?!  Please bring the books back to us – they cost us money to replace and it gives other people a fair chance to use the books.

Did the book have a close encounter with coffee/dogs/cats/young children and incur damage? Please contact us – we accept good replacement copies from Amazon.

Do you work in a ward or department? Even if you have not borrowed you can help – have a good look around in your wards, departments, bookshelves. Our books are stamped inside with our address details (Library, East Surrey Hospital or Library, Crawley Hospital) and they do need help from you to get them back where they belong!

Are you a manager? Can you remind your teams about returning any library books.

If you locate a book and you are unsure whether it is ours please get in touch we can always check!

Thank you!