How do I register for Athens?

To register for an Athens please click here

How do I join the Library?

You can join the library by clicking here

What are the Library opening hours?

Click here to few the library opening times

How do I get 24 hour access to the Library?

For information on Library access please click here

How much does it cost to print/photocopy/scan?

For print pricing and other information please click here

I have lost my library card can I have a new one?

Yes, ask staff in either library to issue you with a replacement card. Please provide your Trust ID card when requesting a new card

Can I bind a document?

Yes, East Surrey Library has a spiral binding machine

How much does it cost to bind a document?

If you bind it yourself then the cost is 50p (this charge includes the front and back covers and the spiral spine). If a member of staff binds the document for you then the cost is £1.50

Can I laminate?

Yes, both libraries have a laminator that you can use

How many books can I borrow?

A maximum of 10 at a time

How long can I borrow books for?

The initial loan period is 4 weeks

How many times can I renew my loans?

Two times as long as they are not needed by another library member

How do I renew my loans?

You can renew by phone, email, in person or online with your library membership number and pin number. Ask library staff if you do not know your pin.

Can I borrow books out of hours?

No, but if you leave them aside with a note that you wish to borrow them then we will issue them ready for you to collect during opening hours

Can I bring Crawley books back here / take my books back to Crawley?

Yes, you can borrow and return books to either site

How do I access my library account online?

You will need your library membership number and pin number. Ask library staff for these numbers and instructions of how to log in to your account

What is my pin number?

Your pin number allows you to access your library account online. Ask library staff for your pin number

Can I have help using the databases?

Yes, we offer free training and support for database searching – ask a member of library staff for more details

Can you order me something from another library?

Yes, if we do not have a book or journal article in stock then we can order it for you from another library. Please ask library staff for more details

Can I eat my lunch in the Library?

Yes, but please throw away your rubbish