Covid-19 Vaccine Toolkit

ClinicalKey have added a Vaccine Toolkit to the resource of information they have made available. Please note this currently reflects US information. They will continue to update the toolkit as more vaccines becomes available and as more is known; we will update with UK information as soon as possible.

The vaccination against Covid-19  started in the UK during December 2020 and has raised a lot of questions regarding the vaccine so it is hoped this resource will help address those concerns.

This health hub is open and free, so the patients at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust and in the community can also benefit from good and reliable information on the vaccine. There are some short videos available to support patient education.

If you are worried this would put too much emphasis on one publisher you don’t have to worry about that here. Below the page are links to the hubs of other publishers. Normally they would be competitors, but as we are all in this pandemic together, the publishers have decided to join forces and work together.